Righteous correction? (E-book only 99p!)

Righteous Correction? The first volume in 'The Kingfisher' trilogy.


Zipoly Hardacre is the unlikeliest superhero.  Having witnessed the death of his family, he escapes to a solitary life on the canal network, only to be drawn into the murky world of the vigilante. Never certain about the rights and wrongs of what he is doing, injustice continues to stir him and lead him, often reluctantly, into actions that seek to rebalance the scales of justice.

Working alone, he crafts the tools of his trade and evades capture as he acts to help those affected by failures in the criminal justice system. That is, until he is picked up by a secret order and transformed into a new and powerful force for justice: The Kingfisher.

Author's Notes

Righteous Correction? came out of my love for the whole canal lifestyle and the idea that the waterways would be the last place on earth that you would find a high-tech avenger of justice.  Set in the near future, it is a very difficult work to slot into a particular genre - bits of James Bond, elements  of Batman, the excitement of a crime thriller and the soul-stirring humanity of a contemporary work of English literature. Added to which, its exploration of the themes of crime and justice and how they interact should provide some food for thought.

 It may prove to be a bit of a 'Marmite' book but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. 

Note - this is the only work that I have published as an e-book - at just 99p it's a great value way to sample my writing.