redeeming choices?

Redeeming Choices? Volume Two of The Kingfisher Trilogy.


They watched him and helped him evade capture. They gave him a new name and a new life. They trained him and changed him. They created Steve Barratt, The Kingfisher, and they let him loose to correct injustice wherever it was found. But then, they asked him to cross a line and he turned against them.

Now, freed from the forces that made him what he is, Steve Barratt seeks to find his place in a world where justice continues to need a helping hand. He knows his calling and he has the team to support and guide him. And yet, the doubts remain.

Continuing to live a life away from the mainstream, cruising the canals of England in his floating home, he resigns himself to duty and once-again embraces his role as the vigilante ‘Righteous Corrector’. The latest advances in technology are at his hand, honed and developed by the team that guide him, but it his creativity in delivering justice that makes the difference.

A long-lost love returns to offer him the freedom of a brighter future. The tragedy of loss turns that freedom into a life destroyed. That is, until the country needs The Kingfisher again, and Steve Barratt, reluctantly, steps up to the plate. Will he ever be set free?

Redeeming Choices? is a uniquely English sci-fi thriller, set in a uniquely English landscape. A story of one man’s fight against injustice, that will set the heart racing, the tears flowing and the mind thinking. 

Author Notes

My wife told me off about this one as she said that the second in a trilogy wasn't supposed to be better than the first.  I'm taking that as a compliment!

In truth, I tend to agree with her and readers should find that they enjoy a more nuanced central character and a story that maintains the contemporary feel of the first but which moves the narrative into the darker realms of a nation threatened by forces that hold humanity to be of little value.  Small acts of justice provide the backdrop, but it is the destruction of London that sees Steve/Zipoly come into his own.

Oh, and there's a bit of tear-jerking tragedy in there as well...