philian gregory

Philian Gregory:


Philian Gregory is a struggling City trader. Nathan Carrington, an alcoholic beggar. When a random act of kindness draws them into an unlikely friendship, they embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Threatened by forces that seek to conceal an unimaginable past, they escape to the solitude of the English canals, until one death too many turns the pursued into the pursuers. 

They work off the radar, but even they can’t avoid what is happening around them in a nation where the moral are few, the immoral are in the ascendant, but the power is held by the amoral. As millions of innocents die, they begin to understand that the past is merely a clue to the future and only they can stop what is happening. In doing so, only one of them will survive.

This latest work of fiction by canal-based author Simon J. Stephens is an action-packed, contemporary thriller in which unthinkable solutions become more than just a fantasy nightmare: they could just happen. They might even be happening.

Dark, human, thrilling, highly readable, controversial and thought-provoking, this is a book that will be talked about by all who discover it.

Author's Notes

I'm not out to make a massive political statement with this novel - first and foremost it is, I hope, an exciting and enjoyable read.

that said, one of the inspiring concepts for this work is the notion that, if God is as dead as contemporary society claims He is, then are we still bound by any notions of morality?  What if the powers that be truly loved out the amorality of the human as just another animal?

Trust me, it's not that heavy!  Naturally, it also has elements of canal life woven through it, but the most enjoyable part for me is seeing how two mismatched individuals join so closely together as friends.

Interesting note -  As with all my other adult novels, this book has its share of blood and guts and  adult concepts, but not a single swear word to be seen.  It's just a personal preference and challenge.