Frank the ferret's (secret) Four Counties Adventure

Frank The Ferret's (Secret) Four Counties Adventure


Frank is a ferret, and ferrets are small, but imaginations come in all shapes and sizes. Frank’s imagination is ginormous, which is pretty much the biggest size available.

When Frank hears that his human family, the Fordhams, are going on a canal holiday around a popular cruising ring, he hatches a plan to join them, and so, ‘Frank the Ferret’s (secret) Four Counties Adventure’ begins.

Excitement is never far away as little Frank lets his big imagination lead him into some strange situations, adopting a new character each day to give him courage and purpose. The journey is real. The places he goes to are real. Some might think the characters and events of Frank’s adventure are not so real … but they probably have very small, tiny even, imaginations.

Written in the author’s unique style, as a book best read by adults to children, and illustrated with quirky line drawings that can be coloured in, Frank is the perfect companion to take on a Four Counties cruise or to have by the bedside to help people of all sizes to grow big imaginations.

Author's Notes

I loved writing this book and hope that it is the first in a series in which Frank travels throughout the canal network of England.

The places that he visits are real although his adventures are very much a product of my own over-active imagination.  If you've ever cruised a canal ring, you should love this one (however old you are!).  That said, if you just like a fun and eminently silly story, this is also the one for you.