Alf The Bear

Alf The Bear: A Prodigal's Tale


Alf the Bear is a timely retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son, written as a tale to be read by adults to children of all ages. Poignant, humorous, incisive and exciting, with simple illustrations designed to be copied or coloured in, this little book brings the timeless message of a classic parable to life in a novel and interesting way as unchanging themes are introduced in very modern ways.

Alf is impatient to receive his inheritance and leave his home town for the bright lights of the big city. Having pestered his father to give in to his wishes, Alf sets off on his adventures, using his money to make a name for himself and become the celebrity he has always wanted to be. That is, until the money runs out and Alf’s star fades rapidly away. Alone, rejected and hungry, he thinks of all that he left behind at home and resolves to return there, where a surprise welcome awaits him.

Whilst the Prodigal Son remains rooted in Christian teaching, those of other or no faith will enjoy this tale as much as anyone else. For Christian parents or carers, Alf’s story provides an accessible route into the lessons that Jesus’s parable teaches us about numerous topics, not least of which is the underlying message of God, our Father’s, Love for us all.

Author's Notes

Confession time - I am a Christian.  It may not be the most fashionable badge to wear these days, but I'll never make any excuses for it.  Those of you who know what I'm talking about will understand.  Those who fear 'tambourines at dawn' you can always skip to another page :)

In Alf The Bear, I wanted to tell one of the greatest Bible stories there is in a way that would be accessible to children of modern Britain, and in a style that would make it enjoyable for parents to read this story to their children.  Is there anything more wonderful than adults reading to children?

i hadn't planned to illustrate it, as much because I'm no artist, but then inspiration came along and the little line drawings that you see dotted through the tale are a bit of fun and made for colouring or copying.