About me and the books

Simon J. Stephens

A liveaboard boater, currently travelling aroung Staffordshire.  If I'm not on-board writing or reading, I'll either be out with the dogs or at the pub! We live on narrowboat OPUS which, at forty-five foot, is cosy, but since moving onto a boat we've found a peaceful lifestyle that beats bricks and mortar anyday.

The Books

It started with Righteous Correction? - hence the website name, but now there are five to choose from - three adult thrillers and two children's books.For further details check out the 'Current Titles' tab.Still working on individual pages but more detail for each available at Troubador/Amazon.

Where to Buy

I am a licensed Roving Trader so you can buy direct from me, and I'll even sign the book for you (if you want).  Yes, I can take card payments.Alternatively, you can buy from all major booksellers, Amazon or direct from the publishers, Troubador.For more information see How To Buy Page here..

Proud to support The LHCRT

THE Restoration Project to Support!

Whilst there are numerous groups of hardworking , unpaid volunteers working to restore the lost waterways of this nation, a brief glance at any map will show you that restoring both the Lichfield and the Hatherton Canals will create a priceless link between the Staffs and Worcester and the Coventry canals, taking in the wonderful Pelsall village and making new cruising rings possible.

Surely a government spending £55Billion on HS2 could help fund this  - NO!  It's all down to donations, so, please, check these guys out and join the LCHRT.  The sooner the canals are restored, the sooner we can all enjoy the benefits. 

This no vanity project - this area needs these links for sound commercial reasons and to revitalise these places of such natural beauty.


'The First Cut' available NOW at £1.99 on Kindle only.  ALL proceeds to be donated to this good cause.

Buy Now  https://www.amazon.co.uk/First-Cut-Comic-Canals-England-ebook/dp/B07HM267CL/ 

Also available as paperback at £7.99 - at least £1.00 per copy to L&HCRT https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/172661395X  

Get In touch

I don't do social media but would love to hear from you via email.

For review copies, extracts, or any other trade related enquiries, please also e-mail me.